Engineering Perfection

Quality is core to our success and that’s why no engineer is authorised to install equipment unsupervised unless suitably trained and qualified.

Each engineer has their own skills and training matrix which is mirrored in our dynamic scheduling engine, to ensure that only qualified engineers are installing and servicing equipment that they are trained to do.

In order to achieve maximum flexibility, it is our priority to ensure all engineers are trained on par with their peers and that we have consistent quality and skillset within our engineering resource.

We invest heavily into training across our base and to ensure that the quality is maintained, we audit regularly whilst they on site and also through scheduled spot checks post installation.


Installer Training and Quality Assurance

Diareyes are gold patrons to the Federation of Communication Services (FCS) and all our installers and their work conform to the industry practice FCS 1362 for installing radio-frequency equipment into motor vehicles.

Over 90% of our engineers are now FITAS accredited, the highest in any accredited installer business in the UK. Preferred installation partners and directly employed engineers are measured for quality assurance with equal parity. We expect the same high quality standards from everyone.

This critically important criteria and business USP has no room for ambiguity in Diareyes. Our quality standards are set as a minimum and base lined with reference to our own code of conduct, our clients Code of Practice and the Radio Agency's FCS 1362 standards.