Diareyes is the field engineering team behind the brands bringing you in-vehicle safety, security and telematic installed solutions. Our unique resource platform dynamically manages our nationwide base of 150 plus qualified field engineers, 365 days 24/7, who have to date, completed over 1 million jobs.

Dynamic Resource Management

Our customised Diareyes management system has been designed with agility, flexibility and transparency at the core of its functionality. It combines dynamic scheduling with engineer location / skillset and inventory management to ensure each job is completed successfully first time, every time.

Our system allows our customer operations and engineering teams to run at optimum efficiency by matching customer availability with minimising engineer’s travel time between jobs and eliminating the need for paper. All administration is managed through the system and our bespoke engineer mobile apps capturing all aspects of job management including commissioning, image capture and customer sign off.

This provides an audit trail from start to finish and the ability for us to review and analyse the data to see how we can improve our service, SLAs and scheduling efficiency helping us to reduce our environmental impact through smart learning.

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Customer Management

Our clients and their customers are able to request, book and track jobs with our system, 24 /7, 365 days a year, providing flexibility and reassurance, a manual system can not do.

Following significant investment in our system, matching customer availability with engineers schedules is now very simple and quick to do. Our clients can choose to do this directly online or via our UK based customer management team.

The system is designed to ensure that the nearest, appropriately skilled engineer is selected for the job and that the correct parts are despatched in good time before the day of the appointment.

A confirmation text and email message is sent to the customer confirming information relating to the appointment so the customer is firmly kept in the loop.

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The Client's Ambassadors

Even though we are the field engineering partner to many of the UK’s telematic and vehicle security solution brand leaders, we love to use our client’s branded materials where possible.

We think its important to represent our client’s brand at all levels including when we are installing their product in their customer’s vehicle.

We always act as the brand’s ambassadors to ensure the customer has complete confidence that they have chosen the right partner for their particular vehicle solution’s needs.

As part of this role, we also facilitate training on site and provide technical support for their customers if required especially when we are undertaking fleet work on multiple sites.

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Coordinated Inventory Management

Diareyes key objectives are to ensure that all jobs are completed right first time and this includes getting the right kit to and from the engineer. We have developed and refined our warehousing and logistics capability to ensure it is coordinated with our scheduling system.

Product to be used on jobs are shipped directly to us by our clients. All products are logged onto our system and matched up with the appropriate job which helps to simplify onsite commissioning.

All equipment is sent and received overnight via a national network of secure pick up and drop off points dedicated for our engineers. As all parts are serialised within our system, customers inventory is safe, secure and its location visible at all times on our system including returns.

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